Most Efficient Way To Heat A Home

most efficient way to heat a home

most efficient way to heat a home
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What is most efficient way to run central heating? ?

Hi, What is most efficient way to run central heating? In our old house we had storage electric heaters and they were quite useful.

Now in our new house we have gas central heating and we are using max 6 hours per day, 2 hrs in morning, 2hrs in after noon and 2 hrs in evening. We haven’t received our gas bill yet and just wondering that 6 Hr per day would be fine or its too much?

The problem we have in our new home is that house get cold quickly once we switch of central heating. Basicaly we feel warm just for 2 Hrs and after that we have to use small electric heaters in room for a while.

Any adice will be helpful for us.

Many Thanks.

It depends where you live. If you have freezing temperatures you should never let the temperature go below 55 F because your pipes might freeze up. I keep the thermostat on 60 F, turn it on for an hour in the morning to 68-70 F then turn it off while we are at work. Afternoon when everyone is home I turn the thermostat to 68-70 until everyone goes to bed. If there is only one person at home or we are using only one room then I use a space heater rather than heat up the whole house.
I live on about 2000 sqf, last year the highest bill was $360, Massachusetts.
You can check your daily gas comsumption on your gas meter outside of your house, which will give you some ideas how much you use every day.

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