Most Efficient Home Heating

most efficient home heating

most efficient home heating
‘G-r-e-e-n’ to be spelled out by c-o-n-t-r-a-c-t at Village Verde
Developers of Village Verde will be glad to consider houses and commercial buildings certified “green” by green groups, but they will have to pass muster when it comes to actual energy performance, too.
Which is more cost efficient for heating a household? Gas or electric heat?

I’m looking to move into an apartment and i’m looking at several ones. All have either gas or electric heating. Which one would be most cost efficient to heat my home during the coldest months of the year? What have been your experiences. Testimonials, personal experiences, or educated opinions will all be helpful. Thanks

It would definitely have to be a natural gas source hands down. If you have ever had a gas bill from either a gas stove/range, compared to one using electricity, you’ll see right away a 25% to 30% increase in the electric bill. One good reason for this is that electricity costs money to produce & some electric utilities even rely on gas to produce their product. To where’s gas is a natural resource that is less of an expense to obtain…Hope this works for you….

Home Heating: Energy Efficient Design Part 3