Most Efficient Heating

most efficient heating

most efficient heating
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Most Efficient way to run heat at home?

I am curious as to what would keep my heating bill low a month. Should you turn it down at night or when away at work to lets say 62? and then 68 when ur there/during the day on weekends?

basically im asking if its more efficient(cost wise) to fluctuate ur heat from 62(night) to 68(when around) or if its more efficient to keep at lets say 68 all the time?

It should be more efficient to turn down the temperature when you’re away, and turn it back up when you’re there.

Same for lights — the cost savings of turning the lights off FAR outweighs the energy to re-energize them.

I would suggest replacing your thermostat with a digital one — if you don’t have pets, you could have it automatically turn the temp down to, for example, 60 after you go to work. Then, it can turn the temp back up to 68 about an hour before you get home, so it’s already warm when you arrive. Same at night, it can turn it down to 65 at night, and up to 70 just before you wake up. We found a lower heat temp, and higher A/C temp than what we expected felt good after replacing ours, and 1 degree makes a big difference in how it feels.

The digital thermostats also have a manual-override so you can increase the temperature if you’re home for a day, and they resume normal operation at the next preprogrammed change; as well as a vacation feature that lets you turn the temperature down for a certain number of days or weeks, and bring the temp back up on/before you come home.

EDIT: I say if you don’t have pets…because you don’t want them to have health problems from being too cold or hot. Some pets (like fish or lizards with regulated tank temperature) probably wouldn’t be bothered but small animals like birds, hamsters, small-dogs, etc. could have trouble.

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