Most Efficient Electric Heater

most efficient Electric Heater

most efficient electric heater
Homebuilders tout benefits of green design
Nobody thinks about saving a rain forest as a result of “green building” techniques, but they might think about saving more than $1,000 a year on utility bills, a Las Vegas homebuilding executive said.
whats the cheapest form of electrical heating?

any ideas for the most efficient electric heater for my sitting room.

Electric heat is all 100% efficient, so it doesn’t matter what heater you buy, they will all cost the same amount to *use* when you compare their watt ratings one to one. So one 1500 watt unit for example, will be the same efficiency as any other 1500 watt unit no matter what *package* it is put in. Therefore, the least expensive unit you can buy would be just as efficient as the most expensive. From the standpoint of safety though, you want to look for units that have tip-over switches and other features that make their operation safer. Electricity is the MOST expensive way to heat anything though, so I would only use them as a supplement to a more normal type of whole house system. For that type of unit (electric space heater), my own favorite is in the link. They’re relatively inexpensive to buy, have some good safety features, and when used properly and taken care of will be both safe and long lasting. It’s a Honeywell space heater.

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