Mobile Home Water Heater

Mobile Home Water Heater

Mobile Home Water Heater
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A second fire at a mobile home park has fire officials warning residents about the dangers of malfunctioning furnaces.
Titan Water Heater?

My family just moved into a trailer. We just discovered that our hot water heater was illegal, so is the housing unit that the heater is being stored. We want to know if anyone has a tankless titan water heater in their mobile home or trailer. If so is is safe and efficient.

We are looking at the electric model.

Here are the two heaters we are looking at for our mobile home.

This would not be a bad choice in a moblie home, the only thing is how many people will the unit be servicing. If it’s 4 or more then I would go with a regular water heater. A regular water heater is cheaper in price. If you look at the site the water coming into the unit it what determines what the hot water coming out of the unit temp will be. So keep that in mind when purchasing this unit.

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