Michigan Home Heating Tax Credit

michigan home heating tax credit

Utility Pushes Back on Power-Saving
Mississippi Power Company wants a proposed statewide energy-efficiency plan evaluated based on its cost to ratepayers rather than its long-term savingsā€”a move critics say is a contrast to its desire to have ratepayers fund its own coal-plant expansion.
home property tax credit/home heating credit question?

my dad is doing his taxes. him and mom only made 10000 last year 5000 each. and they have 5 depndents. they decided to let my 20yr old brother take two of those dependents. because he made 12300 last year. he help pay for everything because my parents couldnt afford to pay for everything.

we live in michigan. and you can qualify for a home property tax credit and home heating credit. we are paying for our house on a land contract. not a mortagage. my brother pays half of that payment or more each month. theres a form you fill out if you pay rent. i was wondering when my brother fills this out does he put that he pays half of the house payment. and for the home heating credit it asks how much you pay for gas for the house. does my bro put how much he pays for gas. and also you put in how much you pay for property tax. does my dad put in the amount. or does my brother put in some of the amount to. none of the bills are in my brothers name.

you are back with more about this household—
and as I responded previously, this is your parent’s household, not the household of your brother, even tho he pays a good portion of the cost

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