Maytag Gas Dryer Not Heating

maytag gas dryer not heating

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Maytag Neptune Gas Dryer No Heat?

I have a maytag Neptune Gas dryer which gets no heat.
(Circuit Breaker is fine)
So far I replaces the ignitor, and the gas coils.
I have checked all the fuses and sensors, all have continuity
at the moment I am at a loss for why the unit does not have heat.
What else should I be checking for

If you can watch the burner box during ignition safely (some have a window and some you can remove the front and still have the drive mechanism in tact) you should be able to narrow it down.

What is supposed to happen is the igniter will glow then go out and at the same time the flame should light.

If the igniter isn’t glowing and the igniter isn’t bad (I am assuming it isn’t because it is new but you never know) the ignition system isn’t getting power, which is most likely the thermo fuse but can be the timer or a loose connection.

If the igniter will glow but it doesn’t go out the flame sensor is most likely the problem.

For what it is worth flame sensors do not fail often while thermo fuses are very common problems.

If you do find that the thermo fuse is bad check the vent because a clogged vent will cause the fuse to blow.

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