Luxaire Heat Pump

luxaire heat pump

Electric Furnace runs for 1 min and then off for 30 secs?

It will run for 60 seconds and then goes off for about 30 seconds, and repeats this about 5 to 10 times until the house is heated to the temp I have set, about 65 degrees. I changed the thermostat and it did not help, It is a luxaire furnace – not a heat pump unit. Is there some kind of sensor or motor that is getting hot on this brand?

Interesting answers so far. While a central electric heat system does have a high temp limit switch, it does not shut the blower off when the limit trips just the elements, that is not your problem. Since you have replaced the t-stat and it is still doing the same thing it is probably not a t-stat issue. Luxaire electric furnaces use a heat sequencer to bring on the elements and blower, this is most likely your problem although it could also be an overheating blower motor. It is not a hugely expensive item, but not really a DIY fix. I would recommend calling a HVAC tech. (not an electrician!)

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