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Why do my thumb drives keep dieing?

I’ve had three of these things puking up blood in the last year–two ScanDisks and a Kingston Data Traveler. I mostly use these to transport data files between my iMac at home and my PC at work, but it’s not a problem of incompatibility between versions of MSWord. I get messages telling me the whole drive is locked or full when it’s not locked and nowhere NEAR full.

I transport the thumbdrives inside a hard shell plastic eye glasses case, inside a backpack, in the trunk of my motorcycle or beside me in the car. I NEVER leave them out in the heat or cold. They go where I go.

Any ideas?

Might be time to try something new. Microsoft has a free online storage solution called Office Live Workspace that lets you save up to 5GB of files for free. It cuts out the need to carry a thumb drive with you, you can access your files from almost any computer, and you don’t have to worry about your thumbdrive dieing or losing it.

MSFT Office Live Outreach

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