Is Solar Power Heating Up?

Is Solar Power Heating Up?

Solar industry booming in U.S.: report
Solar industry is booming in the United States, with commercial solar customers installing 103 megawatts in the third quarter, a 38 percent boom from the same period in 2009, newly released figures showed.
Copper Piping for a pool?

I’ve noticed there are many ways to use solar power to heat a pool, usually people just have water run through black pvc pipes, but would copper piping heat up the pool better?

Explanation: The pool cycles (cleans) for four hours a day, so the water runs through the system, but if you put pipes where the water is being cycled so it is cycled through the pipes then back to the “system,” the water will be heated because the pipes will be hot.

Any suggestions on if something is better than copper pipe or.. Should there be a black surface under the pipes? Or have the pipes under a box so the heat can’t escape?

Any tips would be very helpful

*P.S. – I am not a plummer and I know nothing about this stuff, so the explanation is not totally correct.

Since your not a plumber, I would recommend a solar cover. It not only warms the water, but also keeps evaporation to a minimum. For it to be effective the water needs to circulate. Depending on the size of the pool, you can purchase a heater for about 4 to 5 hundred dollars and not have a maze of pipes laying all over the yard.

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