Is it better to have fixed heating oil price?

Is it better to have fixed heating oil price?

A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives
In theory, clearinghouses exist to safeguard the integrity of the multitrillion-dollar derivatives market. In practice, they also defend big banks’ dominance.
Absolute BEST shampoo for damaged/colored hair?

I have bleached/pink/purple hair. I already use a very awesome conditioner and I use a V05 Hot Oil treatment weekly. I blow dry on cool and I don’t use any heated styling tools. I just want to add a good shampoo to my hair regimen.

I already use Pantene Color Revive but it doesn’t really seem to help with the damaged part, just slows down the fading. I want something that will help my damaged hair AND slow down color fading. My hair IS NOT super damaged and every time I condition it’s like an instant fix so I’m not looking for more remedies for my hair. I just want a really good (don’t care about price) shampoo. Pantene seems to be worsening the condition of my hair, not improving it or even maintaining it.

Please provide exact brand names and links would be awesome too! 🙂

I use Kerastase is very good I just start it using it and LOVE IT.My hair was very damaged.Is a little expensive but worth

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