Is it bad to sleep with an electric heating pad on?

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I’m having pain where my kidney’s are and the heating pad is very soothing and is the only thing that’ll probably make me go to sleep. Is it bad to sleep with it under me for more than 7 hours?

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  1. shizzle Says:

    it’s very bad – because heating pads pose a very serious fire risk – you should never fall asleep with a heating pad on – in fact, by law, it must state that on the heating pad itself.

  2. dscnnct Says:

    I have seen peoples back get slow cooked, and had to have their skin grafted, if you fell you must at least do so with it in lowest temp.

  3. S Says:

    Yes, you should not sleep with an electric heating pad. First of all, it is a fire hazard. Second of all, you could heat your skin too much, causing tissue damage.

    If you have a hot water bottle, that is probably going to be a better way to warm your body. It will cool off after you go to sleep and is definitely not a fire hazard.

    You might want to try taking some painkillers.

  4. Taylor Says:

    more than 7 hours? hmm.. yes I think so.. cool it down a bit like 2 hours and put it on.. I think that’ll be better for your health.. hope you feel better !

  5. Cosplaya Blue Says:

    I think 7 hours is too much for one’s health.

    To some extent,the electric heating is useful to release the pain in the body.

    Be careful.

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