Installing Radiant Floor Heating

installing Radiant floor heating

installing radiant floor heating
Students Install Heat In New Sci-Tech Center
FALLS VILLAGE—When the old agriculture education center at Housatonic Valley Regional High School, built in 1961, was abandoned several years ago after a new $8 million ag-science wing was built on the school, there was an immediate movement to save the facility from destruction.
Radiant in-floor heating?

We have a hydronic in-floor heating system in a slab subfloor that has an engineered wood floor glued on top without a seperating membrane in between. We like to change now to a tile floor. Trying to take the wood floor up we noticed this to be very piece meal like. That glue does not come off easy and I like to find out if anybody has any knowledge in this. Can I leave the wood floor in and install tile over it or do I lose too much heat? Any suggestions on how to remove the wood floor and glue? What probelms with either way?

so the radiant heat is in the concrete slab correct? if yes then i would take up the wood flooring, alot of work but will be worth it. I would think you would have a big heat lost leaving the wood floor on, plus how thick the floor would be after putting tile on top of it. To get the glue off try heating it with a large torch if you have access to one or if you know a plumber. I did this taking up a linoleum floor and it came right up easily. heat the glue just until it gets soft then with a scraper or wide putty knife it should come up. are you doing the tile floor yourself?? unless are good at it don’t you will want to make sure the floor is prep the right way or you will have problems later. plus if you have a tile guy do it you will have a warranty with the job————good luck with it

Installing Radiant Floor Heating Step 3- Install my Control