Infrared Room Heaters

infrared room heaters

infrared room heaters
Heat things up and slash the electric bill
Why is it that most of us don’t seriously consider our heating costs until the bill arrives? Then, it’s nothing but frustration for weeks to follow.
Are Infrared heater really worth it?

I was looking for an efficient way to heat up the living room in my home. The other day, while I was watching TV, I found the idea of using an infrared heater interesting. But I don’t know if they work, has anyone bought one?

Are they really as efficient as they claim? If so which one should I buy? Or what are your experiences using an infrared heater?
It seems that the general consesus is that infrared heaters work, but can anyone who has owned a few recommend me what they think is the beat and why ? Because all I keep getting is that they are good , but I like to know which one I should buy ?
*whoops meant to say best not beat …

My sunheat works nice. It was explained to me that they heat from the floor up. Yes it is a 1500 hundred watt heater, but it is thermostat controlled and operates like a furnace. When the room reaches the temperature set on the sunheat the lamps turn off and the fan only runs at 25w. This cycle appears to happen alot and I can see how it uses electricity very efficiently.

Also, unlike other heating methods…infrared doesn’t remove the humidity in its heating process. This is what makes it heat from the floor up. My house is normally dry in the winter time and I’ve noticed my humidity level in my house remain steady. A dry house is very expensive to heat. This helps alot I’m thinking of putting one in my basement. It costs me about 1.12 per day, but my furnace hasn’t kicked on yet this year and I live in Minnesota.

Big differences between sunheat and eden pure and the other plastic models is that Sunheat is crafted with solid wood and has better parts. This is why its a dealer product…very reliable and has 3 year full warranty included with local service here.

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