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infrared home heating
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Mali Uromastyx setup questions?

I just purchased an 8 inch uromastyx and got a 20 L gallon tank to start with. I now have a 100W infrared light on him and got a new uva/uvb bulb into a 10gallon strip light I had lying around. I have a black sticky thermometer about 3 inches up from the bottom of the tank and near the heat lamp and it only reads about 82 degrees. Is this normal or is the thermometer off or do I need to get a bigger watt bulb. I tried to do all the research first but something still isn’t working out correctly for his heat. Also I was told the heat lamp was dangerous during the day when I’m not home.. so what can I do when I am away from the house and need to keep him at 110 degrees??

Thanks in advance.

I have two mali uros, and a hundred watts in only a 20 gallon tank is most likely going to make it too hot. you can rig it though so it is a few inches off of the top of the cage. your thermometer must be old or something. if you have a metal screen on the top of your cage, which you should, uros are crafty escape artists, then there is no worry of fire or danger, just make sure papers, trash etc cant fall onto it or be blown onto the top of the light when you are not there. whoever told you that is retarded, because most reptiles, especially ones from the desert NEED 12 or more hrs of light per day, YOU NEED TO GET A TIMER, they are cheap and make it all so much easyer. Lights come on when they are supposed to and go off the same. Because your uro is only a juvenile your cage size is ok for now, but the sooner you get him into a larger cage, he will grow faster,and you can put much more dirt, they really like to dig tunnels. and your 100 watt light will be fine for that as well. you really dont wanna go over a hundred watts, unless your talkin cutom made very very large cage.
As long as you have a good uva/uvb bulb going for those 12 to 13 hrs per day, you can just use the ceramic heater type of bulb instead of the red one. the ceramic bulbs are pricey but they last for years.

since it is spring almost summer, depending on where you live of course, the temp might even get too hot to run the heat bulb all day, because if its 80 outside and your cage is 110 then the real temp is much higher. on days like those just run the uvb and go for about half of the heat time.
when it starts getting cold again, you need to take down the hours to 10 even only 8 every day. and you will notice your uro will be sleeping much more than normal, this is how you will know to cut back on the heat/light. they eat alot less during the winter too. do not become alarmed, they do not hibernate, but it is called brumation, there not asleep but they are just in slow motion lazy mode. when spring comes again they will snap out of it and be runnin all around.

good luck with your lil buddy, peace

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