Infrared Heating System

infrared heating system

infrared heating system
Radiation Not A Cause For Worry, Earthquakes Are – Scientists
By INA ALLECO R. SILVERIO The Philippines is within the Pacific “ring of fire,” precisely called so because besides volcanoes, there are many major faults in the country.
Physics Problems…please help?

1. How long does it atke the light from the sun to reach the Earth, if the sun is 93,000,000 miles from the Earth? (1 mile=1600m)

2. When you look at a star or planet, you are looking back in time. How far back in time are you looking when you observe Pluto through a telescope from a distance of 5.91×10^12m

How about when you look at Proxima Centauri, our nearest star, which is 4.07×10^16m away?

3. If you traveled at the speed of light, how many years would it take you to get to a star system that was 9.46×10^17m away?

How about if you drove your car to the star system at a speed of 60 mph (30m/s)

4. IRAS, the Infrared Astronomy Satellite, had a detector that was supercooled to enable it to measure infrared or heat radiation from different regions in space. What is the frequency of infrared light that has a wave length of 1.04×10^-6


Please help, I have no idea how to do this

1) To find the travel time, divide the distance by the velocity

t=d/v=93,000,000mi/186,000mi/s = 500 s

500 s = 8 1/3 minutes or 8 minutes 20 seconds + or – a few seconds

2) So Much math….sorry lol

3) Remember 1 light year is a distance quantified in terms of time.

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