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Balancing equations: chemistry~ helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!?

Please help me with my chemistry homework over balancing equations?
I know how to balance equations but not in paragraph form. Anyone who can help?

1. Elemental boron is produced by in one industrial process by heating diboron trioxide with magnesium metal, also producing magnesium oxide. Write the balanced chemical equation for this process.

2. Calcium metal is moderately reactive. If pieces of calcium are added to water, the metal begins to bubble as hydrogen gas is formed. The water begins to turn cloudy, as solid calcium hydroxide begins to form. Write the balance chemical equation for the equation for the reaction of calcium metal with water.

3. Phosphorus trichloride is used in the manufacture of certain pesticides, and may be synthesized directly from its elements. Write the balanced chemical equation for this process.

I just don’t know how to find the chemical equation. When I’m given the chemical equation I can balance it.

Determine the reactants and the products. The reactants go into the left side of the equation, the products the right. If heat is added to the equation to produce the reaction, add a plus sign and the word heat as your final part of the left side of the equation. Is heat is produced by the reaction, at the plus and the word heat to the right side.

Note words like “is produced.” they will be applied to the products of the reaction. In your second prob, calcium is “moderately reactive.” that’s a giveaway that calcium is a reactant, not a product.

In your first prob, note that boron and mag oxide are produced. Therefore they go on the right side. On the left side, the reactant side, put triboron trioxide plus Mg plus heat.

You must have all the right numbers in front of each species so that your equation balances. And don’t use an equation sign: the top line has an arrow tick on the right, the bottom line of the equation has a tick facing left. (In other words, the reaction can actually go in either direction.)