Indoor Propane Heater

indoor propane heater

indoor propane heater
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Propane Tank Heaters Safe for indoor use? ? thats the heater I’m thinking about getting, it hooks up to your propane tank. I know it says outdoor use but I have seen them used indoors. Do they just say use indoors for their own liability reasons or is it really unsafe to use inside? I need a heater for vacant offices and stores I’m working on during the winter months. This was the most cost effective heating source I found.

Thanks in advance.

In the propane installation code those heaters fall under the category of a construction heater. They are allowed to be used inside a building, but only under specific conditions. If you are doing renovations or construction you can use one inside as long as you provide adequate ventilation. You have to ensure that the heater has adequate ventilation for combustion as well as ventillation to allow the products of combustion to escape. If you burn propane once with an adequate air supply, you will only be producing water vapour and carbon dioxide. But if you reburn those gases, you will now be producing carbon monoxide in a large way.

The general requirement is 1 square inch of ventilation for every 1000 btu’s.

A few other things worth mentioning here…These heaters are designed to be unattended, but not unsupervised. That means, you can be in the next room while it is running, but not down the street at the coffee shop or leave it running overnight. Also, it cannot be used in an area where people are currently living or working unless the area can be isolated. This means closed doors, not hanging plastic. The last point I will make here is that it is for construction or renovation work. It is not replacement heat. You cannot legally use it to heat a loading dock, or ice hut, or anything else on a regular basis…

It sounds like you are one of the very people who may actually use this thing for what it was originally designed!