Hydronic Home Heating

hydronic home heating

hydronic home heating
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Where can I get a 110-125 volt, 15 amp diode?

I need to use this to prevent back-fed electricity in a home (mine) with five programmable line voltage thermostats for a hydronic heating application. I have it all figured out, but need to simply put a diode in line between the circulation pump loop and one leg of the thermostat to keep the bakfed power from running all of the fans at once. It will only draw 5 amps at max, but I want it to be overkill…. Can i just get a properly rated diode and solder it inline and wrap it with friction tape and tuck it in the J-box? This seems like a bad way to do it….But…..what else? Thanks!

You can try Ace Hardware Stores for it.

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