Hydronic Floor Heating

hydronic floor heating

hydronic floor heating
Your Place: More on running shower, dishwasher at same time
Another possible solution to a problem from a reader who couldn’t use the shower and run the dishwasher simultaneously. Kevin Knudsen of Hawthorn Woods, Ill., believes the problem may lie with the flow rate, since the reader with the problem said he had plenty of pressure.
Do condos with no basements cost more for heating?

Are condos (3 years old) in Wisconsin harder to heat and are the floors always cold? I have heard that floors are colder. There is no electric or hydronic floor heating. My 62 year mother-in-law is looking.

Yes, they are always cold, sold my house in Wisconsin, it was
built on a slab, the furnace was on the same level, cold floors
and you had to deal with the noise of the furnace.

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