Hybrid Heating Systems

hybrid heating systems

hybrid heating systems
Advanced New Audi A6 Travels Light To Tackle Emissions
MILTON KEYNES, UNITED KINGDOM – December 1, 2010: The latest Audi model to move into the vanguard of Vorsprung durch Technik is the A6 Saloon, which has been redesigned from the ground up with the benefit of the brand’s most advanced lightweight construction techniques, engine efficiency measures, chassis developments and in-car technological innovations.
How much does it cost to install…?

1. a solar heating pannel
2. a wind energy,thing
3. (summary) of how you get a hydrolic energy system hooked up to your house
4. (aprox.) how much money do you save in gas by owning a hybrid compared to a (watevr the most common car is)
5. is the hybrid the most fuel-efficient car?

thnx 4 ur answers! 1st (useful) answer gets best answer! (plz no time-wasting answers.)
thnx again!

I’d love to help but ALL of what you ask has MAJOR factors like
fuel costs in your area…and on and on….

you’ll need to research those topics in your area for a real answer….good luck

for instance……what is a “wind energy thing” and where do they come from and where do they go

Phoebus Energy Hybrid Water Heating System