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hvac systems prices

hvac systems prices
Mestek, Inc. Announces Acceptance of Additional Shares and Final Results of Tender Offer
Mestek, Inc. , today announced that, upon the approval of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Company and the lenders under the Company’s outstanding credit facility, and in accordance with applicable covenants and financial ratios under the credit facility, the Company accepted for purchase an additional 120,024 shares of its common stock at a price of $8.75 per share in …
We signed contract on house and paid earnest money, can we back out?

We signed a contract on a house and paid $1000 earnest money. We had the inspection done and the appraisal – appraisal came back at $5000 less than the contracted agreement – also the inspection revealed that the HVAC system does not work – they are now willing to fix the HVAC and lower the price, but we are not feeling good about the purchase anymore for many reasons. Do we have to buy the house yet, or can we back out safely without being sued? Would we just lose our earnest money and have no further consequences?

If you had a good agent, there will be clauses in your contract that allow for you to pull your offer based on a negative home inspection. If you have no such clauses, you may be bound to the contract. One way around this may be to amend your contract by holding them responsible to pay for the repairs over a set amount that the home inspection revealed…this is not uncommon either, although usually it’s in writing at the time of the offer that the agreement is based on. If your deposit is in an escrow account pending settlement, and the contract contains clauses that permit you to rescind the offer in the event of a costly home inspection, you will not lose your deposit funds. However, again, this should have been outlined clearly in the offer, as well as noted as “refundable” on the escrow papers.

If none of this is the case, don’t use this agent again…they didn’t do you any favors by not doing their job correctly.

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