How to save on electric heating?

How to save on electric heating?

What to Do When the Government Takes Away Your Lightbulbs
Look up at the ceiling. What kind of bulb is being used to illuminate the room? Chances are you see an aging incandescent, the classic light bulb we all know. But if you live in the European Union, Australia, the United States, or any other number of countries set to phase out traditional light bulbs, you will soon be seeing a lot more compact fluorescent bulbs or light-emitting diodes. Although …
Teens how come white people always want to save energy?

i mean some of them say that they dont turn on heat or A/C because it saves energy who gives a damn about saving energy anyway, the earth will never run out of energy, as long as we are paying the gas and electric bill every month, we will always have the energy we need.


Hell yea?
This earth been here for over 2,000 yEARS.
God will protect it

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