how to operate a solar water heating system?

how to operate a solar water heating system?

Sebring couple fuels their home on solar energy
Walking into the Million’s pleasant Sebring home all decorated for Christmas , you would never know that it’s almost entirely powered by the sun.
Here is an aid to the Global warming problem. should we try it?

Every one knows what a steam engine is and how it works. The very same engine can use ammonia as the evaporation medium. When you do this the engine can operate at much lower temperatures than steam. It could extract the heat on the surface of the oceans and dissipate the heat deeper in the ocean. The energy will replace some of the use of fossil fuel. Large amounts of energy can be extracted from the ocean this way Also the cooler water on the surface could control weather patterns if we learned to use this system.
You don’t need to build the solar collector it is already in place. All you need is the generating stations under the ocean in critical places around the world.
This kind of technology has been around for more than 50 years it is nothing new. We have always had the solution before our very eyes.

No matter how good the idea is. If you can not get interest from a capital invester it will never happen.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is an idea that’s been tried for many years. There has never been a large and cost effective plant built. One reason is corrosion – you have to move a lot of very corrosive sea water around.

Good overview here:

People keep trying, though:

I think you’d have to build an awful lot of OTEC capacity to mess up the ocean ecology, except in a very local area. But that’s just a guess.

Trevor – check the first link above to see exactly what he’s talking about.

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