How To Heat Your Home For Free

How To Heat Your Home for free

how to heat your home for free
The Christmas challenge: Scott Miller puts his own twist on seasonal music
If your family is like mine, we have unspoken rules regarding the amount and duration of holiday music played in our house. The rule is simple: the music comes out the day after Thanksgiving and then promptly put away the day after Santa delivers the goods.
How much should I expect to pay for a new A/C in my home?

Our A/C can’t keep up with the Houston summer heat, and we called a guy out to come inspect it for $30. No surprise to us, he said we need a new one. He said to work properly and get best efficiency, we would need a new condenser for outdoors and the part that goes in the attic. All in all, $4500 for the new AC. Is that the norm? Also, he said they have a plan where they come out twice a year and clean your coils and add new free-on to the unit for $99 a visit. Does that really help efficiency or is it a rip off?
By the way, our house is just under 2000 sq ft.

I have a home at 1500 sq. ft and I installed or had installed a 3.5 ton unit for $4600. It is also a central heating unit of 100K BTU’s. My electric bill dropped almost 40% with this new unit. My old unit was 35 years old. They are efficient. I was told that they don’t generally add Freon unless I am experiencing a drop in efficiency so as to make a check. They will come out at the beginning of the season and do a routine maintenance check. As long as you keep the filter cleaned or change it, there really isn’t that much more you can do with these new units. I use an Electrostatic type filter that you wash and re use again. Saves from buying the cheapies each time.

Added: There are many factors involved in selecting the right size A/C unit. i.e. type of windows, attic insulated, walls insulated, type of ceilings. Internet has A/C size calculators you can use to figure out the size for your home.

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