how to build a solar heating system?

how to build a solar heating system?

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A National Renewable Energy Laboratory building is a “living laboratory” to study energy efficient office spaces.
Do Solar Panels Make sense?

I am building a house in Northern Ireland and was wondering if Solar panels are the way forward? I want to do my bit for the environment, but not at the expense of my pocket! How many years payback is the average in Northern Ireland? Would a PV system be much better than a water heating system? People have suggested that it may be much better to concentrate on good insulation

I wouldn’t actually worry TOO much about the amount of sunlight – you’re approximately the same latitude as northern Germany and they have the highest per-capita use of solar in the world. What I WOULD be concerned about is cost. Solar is usually the last step in making a house efficient and cheap. Before you start thinking about solar you should work on other areas of efficiency. $40,000 will go a lot further towards energy efficiency and cost savings if used for insulation, solar water heating, energy efficient appliances, etc. than it will if spent on solar.

How To Build A Solar Panel – Build Your Own Solar Panels CHEAP! (Build Solar Panels From Scratch)

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