How much does it cost to install a gas heating system?

How much does it cost to install a gas heating system?

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With the Pagosa Springs Town Council unanimously approving the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) by Mayor Ross Aragon with a company proposing to upgrade the town’s geothermal system, the town has signaled its willingness to enter into a public/private partnership with Hardin Geothermal, LLC (HG) to begin work on the installation of what would effectively be a new system for the town.
How much would a new gas furnace cost?

Our gas wall heater (hunter) died on us. And we need a new gas furnace pronto, since its winter and all.
Since we had a wall heater to begin with, we would upgrade to a full furnace, since we are planning a addition to our house in the near future.
Our house now is about 950 sq ft, and with addition would be about 1300 sq ft. We also need ducts running to all the rooms installed since we do not have them now.
How much would a mid grade furnace come to? And approx labor exp.
And would it be a lot more to get a heat/cool system?

Also not that it makes that much difference but we are in Canada.
Both answers were very helpful, we have a couple people coming to look at our house and I had one quote on the phone starting at 13,000.00 and another at 5000.00…..thanks for the advice.

It depends on what grade of furnace you want.Theres allot to choose from now as far as energy efficiency and also with single and variable speed blowers.Also were you wanting to replace an A/C system if you have one because you get it in most cases cheaper or discounted rate with a package install.i believe 80% effeciecy its usually the better choice anything above is much more expensive and the return rate isn’t worth it.As far as variable speed what that does is save on electricity, as of now when your furnace blower kicks on its blowing at full speed regardless if you need it or not .Variable would lower your electric costs as running at a lower speed when needed.Usually variable is good for winter months due to heat rising ,verses summer.I would shop around on the yellow pages for some reputable retailers and see how they can address what you are looking for because now days things like these are all a factor.Cannot make estimate due to us / Canada exchange rate. Also make sure you shop around with more than one company and to compair others equipment to priceing Good luck ,

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