How do you get home heating oil smell out of clothes?

How do you get home heating oil smell out of clothes?

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How do you get home heating oil smell out of clothes?

My hubby was draining a home heating oil tank and the hose broke and got the stinky oil all over his jeans and shirt, I have tried washing with Dawn, with white vinegar so far but the clothes still reek! Please help!

Hello, My husband does AC work for a living. He is always getting something on him and everything around him oily, just plain nasty. He use to just replace them instead of triing to get them clean.
You need a degreaser. I use Mean Green. I found Super Clean. It is a degreaser and works great. I soak the what ever it is in a cup of the degreaser and warm water. This stuff is tough. Protect you hands with using it. I am sure this will solve your problem. I first found this at a an auto parts store. My husband found it at Walmart. I think it is make by CASTORAL. Spelling?? It is in a gallon size container that is bright purple. It usually cost about five to seven dollars here in south AL. A gallon of this stuff seems like a lot but you will find a lot to use it on. I use it for everything from washing my car to cleaning the bathroom. It is wonderful. Good Luck.

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