How can I convert from gas heating to electric?

How can I convert from gas heating to electric?

Biomass Busted? Why Wood-Fired Power Is Catching Heat in Vermont
Is biomass the solution to Vermont’s energy problems or the next big threat to our health and environment? Virtually every candidate in the recent governor’s race — including Republican Brian Dubie — championed the idea of burning wood for heat and electricity as a clean and renewable alternative to fossil fuels. Plus, biomass can provide crucial base-load electric power — something neither …
Why is it so important to “believe”?

Why is it so important for the believers to force everyone to believe as they do?

It’s like they believe if you don’t accept their dogma, then you’re pro-pollution.

I know no one who thinks it’s acceptable to pollute even though most people don’t accept the cult of the warmers.

It is possible to reduce over 50% of ghg’s now produced in America without making common citizens criminals. Nuclear power would cut co2 emissions in half. Then we could convert 130 million homes to have electric heat and hot water instead of oil or gas. And electric cars would be 100% free from fossil fuels.

Don’t you think that believers just push their dogma just so they can control what light bulb you use, what car you drive, how fast you drive and where you should be able to drive? Don’t they just want to be able to control how warm or cool your home should be?

Do you think that believers just want you to submit to what they think is best for you?

Fear! it is their Revelations!

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