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house heating systems

house heating systems
Boards give OK to new building
Beaufort County and local community college leaders Monday gave the OK to construction of a $7 million building to house Allied Health programs at Beaufort County Community College.
what heating can a house with a narrow access and dead end have?

The house is in a more rural area in scotland, which has no supply already of central heating. Looking around i see a few houses with solid fuel chimneys but i was wondering if oil or a refillable form of gas heating is possible… When the house is off a more narrow road then down an even worse 100 yard track. I have also seen an underground heating system around but people say it can cost more than you expect with electricity.
Any advice is appreciated… Thank you

Oil or tanked gas then your problem is delivery access (and having the tank on-view). Wood & coal/coke burners do have fewer problems with deliveries.

Ground Source Heat Pumps do work quite well, but in Scotland there’s a lot of heat needed to bring the house up to a comfortable level.

Whatever you do decide to go for super-insulate the place!

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