House Heating Options

house heating options

house heating options
Suites help rental market
Incorporating a secondary suite as part of a home is an easy and simple way for a homeowner to provide accommodation for a family member or to create additional revenue through a rental unit on site.
Question about heating and cooling a 2-story house?

The builders have as options a radiant barrier roof or more insulation in the attic. Which one is better to have in your 2-story home? My second home was a 2-story, and it was always hotter upstairs than down. Will either of the 2 help for maintaining temp equilibrium in the home?

I think the main thing you can do is have a zoned system where you have a thermostat on each level to control the temp.
Adding more insulation is good but will not cure the problem with the temperature variation.

Greg Pahl explains his Solar Domestic Hot Water System