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house heating and cooling

house heating and cooling
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A furnace installation crew delivers a new boiler to Tom McIntyre’s home Monday afternoon. The heating-system in McIntyre’s home failed over the weekend.
Does having your house backed against a forested area lower A/C and/of heating costs?

I’m curious whether living up against a forested area effects a house’s heating/cooling efficiency and how much? I’ve noticed, especially when I’m out walking in the evening, the cool, almost cold, air that can waft out of a forested area

Good solar planning using trees to block the sun in the summer but let the sun through in the winter when the leaves are gone is a great idea. It is also recommended in many solar engineering books. With an evergreen forest on the North side this effect will be enhanced by blocking the winter winds as well. It is a well known fact that trees generate moisture from the air through condensation, this allows cooling of the air flowing through the trees via evaporative cooling. This cool air can be quite refreshing in the hot summer months.

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