Hot Water Home Heating

hot water home heating

hot water home heating
Lily Allen – Allen Shivers Through Cold Snap As Oil Runs Out
Grieving LILY ALLEN has been hit with more bad news – she is facing two weeks without hot water at her home after running out of fuel in the midst of Britain’s harshest winter…
Heat loss through copper piping, hot water heating system?

We have a boiler and hot water heating system. Our basement is very, very warm. My question is, will covering the copper piping with insulation allow more of the hot water into other areas of the home and lower our heating bills?

It sure will!!!
From experience you can use refrigeration insulation.. the foam type and cover it with aluminium foil (shiney side in) also if you want. The foam comes in a variety of sizes and can be split down the side to fit over the pipes. I was able to wrap al foil around mine after that and it made a big difference in the amount of water that had to pass through the tap before hot water started to come out….. My pipes are under the house from an outside waterheater.

I hope this helps….

Home made wood stove from hot water heater and 55 gallon drum for outdoor use