Hot Water Heating

hot water heating

hot water heating
Commerce Point flooded
SPRINGFIELD — A broken water pipe turned the atrium of Commerce Point, 20 S. Limestone St., into a reflecting pool Saturday after gallons of water poured into the building while employees were off for the holidays.On Monday, baseboards were still off the walls, desks and filing cabinets in the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce were elevated with small blocks and fans were set up every few …
baxi boiler, no hot water but heating OK?

the heating works ok with my baxi solo 2 boiler but when i try to heat water it shuts the burner off in the boiler and all four led’s go out, when i switch off the hot water the heating starts the boiler up again. it only happens intermitantly, there is water in the tank i just can not heat it with gas. any ideas?

The motorised valve could be faulty or there is a blockage in the pipework at the hot water circuit.Find the motorised valves and check them,the motor inside might be needing replaced.Make sure the cylinder t/stat is at 60 degrees c and is working.Another fault could be the switch in the timer is not making.There is no fault with the boiler.

Hot Water heater cahokia with out basement Drip leg