Hot Water Heating Systems

hot water heating systems

hot water heating systems
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We have a 3 boiler, hot water heating system for a 60 unit apartment community, there are 2 Bell & gossett?

circulating pumps that circulate the water. We alternate the pumps monthly. Would is be of any benefit to run them both at the same time? Or would it harm the pumps? The problem we are having is the apartments at either ends of the building are not getting enough hot water to heat the apartments. The temperature here has been record breaking low (110 degrees at night and only getting to 4 above in the day). What else can we do?
Edited to say… -10 degrees not 110!

First thing, check the temperature of the water getting to the end apartments. The first ones may be using most of the heat just take a check of the water temp leaving the boiler and then again as it enters the last apartment if this is the problem raise the water temperature.

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