Hot Water Heating Boilers

hot water heating boilers

hot water heating boilers
Detroit Renewable Power Calls Back Prior Owner Employees to Energy-from-Waste Plant to Restart New Level of Operations
Detroit Renewable Power LLC is calling back 91 workers who had been temporarily laid off as a result of actions of the previous owners of the Detroit energy-from-waste facility. Â The call back is part of a systematic plan for restarting the facility to insure the highest standards of operation. Â A total of approximately 130 workers are expected to be called back once the EFW plant resumes full …
All my central heating and water is switched off on my boiler but the water is still red hot anyone help?

My tank up stairs has been rumbling when the heating is on so I have switched everything off at the boiler but the Hot Water is still boiling to the touch anybody got any ideas what is up.

You may not be getting you domestic hot water from the boiler. Most people don’t. You may have a suplimental Electric immersion heating system. You are not giving a lot of information, but the information you are supplying sounds dangerous.

Now if you say the tank is rumbling as in boiling water, you need to seek the help of a licensed plumber. Hot water tanks aare not designed to boil. Even small boilers like a hot water tank can blow up and take the side of a house down if the safety devices fail.

Another cause for rumbling can be a clogged line. But for safety call a plumber


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