Hot Water Cylinder

hot water cylinder

hot water cylinder
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I have to take out a hot water cylinder but I can not get to the drain valve, how do I empty it?

will it empty if I run the hot taps?

It will not empty if you open the hot taps, as the hot water outlet comes from the top of the tank. Opening the taps will only empty the water out of the pipes, not the water in the tank.

First you need to shut off the cold water inlet to the tank; there should be a stopcock either at the inlet to the hot water tank, or at the inlet of the cold water header tank. (Assuming its not a mains pressure tank…)

After that, empty the water out of the pipes by opening the ‘lowest’ hot water tap you can find.

If you really can’t get to the drain valve, then using a wrench loosen the pipe connected to the top of the tank. Have some cloths handy to mop up the little water that will leak out.

Next take a hose pipe and poke one end into the top of the tank far enough to reach the bottom of the tank, with the other end laid out somewhere lower than the bottom level of the tank. Assuming that the end of the hosepipe is fairly clean (if it’s not wrap a clean sandwich bag or something similar tightly around the end) and suck. Once you get the water syphon working, just sit back and wait. (Don’t try this with bucket – just think if the differences in size between the tank and a bucket…)

Not emptying it before trying to move it isn’t a realistic option – it will weight about a quarter of a tonne, when it’s full of water.