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hot air furnace
Lawmakers hot over new DEC regulations on wood boilers
Assemblyman Marc Butler said Monday he was pleased to hear of recent news that the state Department of Environmental Conservation has modified its original proposal to ban current styles of outdoor Wood Burning Boilers. Due to recent developments and pressure from legislators, Butler said the “most highly contentious” portion of the boiler ban has been removed from the DEC’s outdoor wood boiler …
how many sq. feet will a 60,000 btu hot air furnace heat ?

a 2 story residents in maine western mts. 8 rooms , ducted through 4 inch flex duct approx.2000 sq ft. livable space 1850 home slat&plaster throughout

It depends on what the square footage consists of, where the square footage is located, and what service the square footage provides (i.e. is it a home, a store, a factory, a theatre, etc.)
The requirements are all based on being able to calculate a heating load.

If the area to be heated is located in Minnesota, the 60,000BTU furnace will not heat as much area as if it is located in Phoenix because of the difference in climate.
If the area to be heated is all located above ground in an uninsulated structure with many windows then the 60,000BTU furnace will not heat as much area as if it was located in a well insulated structure with a first floor and basement and fewer windows.

You would need to furnish more information about the structure and its location before your question could be answered.

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