Homemade Solar Pool Heater

Homemade Solar Pool Heater

Homemade Solar Pool Heater

Solar Panel Kits – Homemade Solar Hot Water?

DIY hot water systems are not new, people in the United States have been using homemade water heating kits for over 100 years. In 1987 the area of pasadena 30% of all homes were getting hot water from solar heaters on their roofs! If our ancestors could harness the power of the sun over a hundred years ago, then we should be now!

However the discovery of massive supplies of gas and oil in the United States meant that creating energy from the sun was sidelined in favor of fossil fuel heating methods. The trend in the use of homemade solar hot water kits has increased as the world looks to lower carbon emissions.

Latest statistics show that there are over 500,000 such water heating devices used in California. Many of these are used in houses and swimming pools. Using a DIY Solar Panels for swimming pools and showers is a great way to lower pollution caused by fossil fuels and also to lower your electricity bill. You will also be lowering your carbon footprint.

To build a diy solar hot water system you will need: black pvc piping, a panel made of glass and a box to contain it all. The water in the pipes is heated by the glass panel intensifying the heat of the sun making the water hot. Just imagine the sun as the power source for your hot water tank. However unlike when you flip the electricity switch, the sun heats up your hot water for free!

Most of the equipment that you will require can be bought at your local DIY shop. I use Radioshack for example. I can now build my own panels and cells for under $200. But remember energy from the sun is free so you will recoup these costs over time. More importantly you will not be paying thousands of dollars to a professional when you can build your own for a fraction of the price! The cost of the components is far outweighed by what you will be saving long term in electricity and heating costs around your home.

So what are you waiting for? You could be using these simple DIY solar panel systems to heat your home or swimming pool. Making a do it yourself solar hot water panel is actually easier than you would think. There are stacks of guides and plans available on the internet.

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