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home propane heaters

home propane heaters
Protect against fire in cooler weather
For the remainder of the week, Bolivar County and the surrounding areas can expect to see temperatures in the low to mid 40s during the day dropping to the lower to mid 20s at night.
What would be the best type of portable heater to use in a power outage in my small home? Propane or Kerosene?

We’ve had a few power outages with severe winter storms in the last couple years, I’d like to get a smaller size heater to heat up a couple rooms if I’m left without power for a couple days. As a female, I’m looking for safety but also want it to not cost too much. I’ve seen small propane heaters at Lowe’s for around $70 that come with a small propane tank and you can buy extra, but not sure if Kerosene would be a better choice. (Of course I will have a fire extenguisher nearby and it would only be used when I was iced in at my home and there to monitor it).

They both can give off CO and need some ventilation. With either one you need a CO detector. I would choose propane. Kerosene is messy and it stinks. No matter how careful you are there will always be that smell. You will also have to store the kerosene somewhere safe. Remember, none of those heaters can be operated in a confined space. They need ventilation. Safety has to come before comfort.

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