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home oil furnace

home oil furnace
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This is all that matters: Round 1: England 2 votes, Netherlands/Belgium 4 votes,Spain/Portugal 7 votes and Russia 9 votes. Round 2: Netherlands/Belgium 2 votes, Spain/Portugal 7 votes and Russia 13 votes (Russia obtain absolute majority)   In the end, after all the hype, all the spin, it was Russia by a mile. Their prime minister Vladimir Putin didn’t bother to go to Zurich yesterday, but by …
What’s the best way to check the blower and blower thermal switch on a mobil home oil hot air furnace?

I had the thermal fuse pop twice within the last month. The 1st time I was told it was due to the motor which was changed. Now the fuse just popped again. Suspecting the fan unit now but would like to know the best way to trouble shoot. Any ideas?

With a DVOM and an inductor pick-up to measure amp draw. If you are not familiar with this particular tool, you should call a professional.

The Artful Bodger’s Iron Casting Waste Oil Furnace No.1