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home hvac systems
HCL Aegis low-cost home automation gateway supports WiFi, ZigBee, DLNA, HomePlug & more
HCL has announced Aegis, a multi-platform home automation gateway which promises to control your multimedia, energy monitoring, HVAC, security and more, all through Android, iOS and Symbian devices, and using multiple wireless standards. Debuting at CES 2011 this week, the platform-agnostic Aegis supports WiFi, ZigBee, DLNA and HomePlug networking. While home automation gateways aren’t uncommon …
What is the correct CFM or “tonage” for HVAC / Square footage of a new Home.?

I happen to be in My attic recently and discovered I only have a 2.5 ton or 30,000 cfm HVAC system for my 1850 sq ft home. I am working that unit to death in the summer.

One ton of air conditioning cools 400 to 450 square feet of house. Properly sized, you should have a four ton AC.

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