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Cold Temperatures Have Families Scrambling to Find Warmth
With low temperatures expected to be in the teens through Friday morning, some Piedmont families are worried they won’t be able to find enough heat.
Home heating system DIY?

My heating system doesn’t seem to be working correctly. The air conditioner part works great but my heater is not functioning at all. It seems to be just blowing out air not hot or cold and when switched from auto to fan it blows out cold. Repairs are expensive so i’m looking for do it yourself tips to get this fixed. Thank you.
Thermostat is on heat and auto……not sure but we live an apartment and i know its central heat and air….don’t know much about it

Some apartment complexes are cooled and heated by water running through pipes in the individual housing units coming from a large cooling tower or heated furnace. Check with your neighbors to see if they have heat. If they do…your pipe may be blocked or turned off to your unit. If no one has heat…then the complex has not turned the heat furnace on yet. Talk to your landlord to have them check out your problem. Usually the apartments with ‘all paid’ utilities have these type of systems….that way you don’t run up high heating or cooling bills.
I’ve been through this type apartment dwelling before…hated it because they didn’t which to heating or cooling fast enough for my body.

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