Home Heating System Comparison

home heating system comparison

home heating system comparison
Is your policy watertight?
Winter can bring havoc to your home, so ensure you are covered.
Can someone please help me with grammar correction? (Home-schooling) 6?

I guess home-schooling means learning on your own. Can someone correct the sentences and explain why they corrected them the way they did!? Thank you!!

Correct the faulty comparisons in the following. (Some may be correct)

1) The chemical structure of smog is entirely different from cigarette smoke.

2) Heating systems for neocolonial-Elizabethan tract homes are harder to install than large apartment buildings.

3) Melody wears the sweetest smile all day long

4) She is more totally carefree now than ever before.

5) The store manager couldn’t believe that a salesperson would rather lean out the window and wave at passers-by instead of tending t business.

1 structure is wrongfully compared to substance
2 similar mismatch; says installing is more difficult than buildings
3 seems ok
4 cannot be more or less totally
5 ok i guess

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