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Traffic Advisory Issued in PA; Officials Offer Safety Tips
Two separate accidents on Interstate 80 east at mile markers 7 and 11 in Pennsylvania actually closed Interstate 80 for a time Monday. In fact, due to the high amounts of snowfall, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency Monday urged residents of western Pennsylvania to prepare for dangerous travel, strong winds and possible power outages. The storm could bring two feet of snow or more to …
What costs more to run, Oil or LPG central heating?

I have a choice to buy a home in a rural setting with no mains gas supply. One has an Oil fired boiler and the other runs on LPG.

We had LPG in a tank form at the house we are in now whilst we waited the two years for mains gas to come through. It was expensive and not very economical to run. But they are currently running new advertising in our areas and I suppose it is not really a lot different to oil in price.

You could look to add a log burner or multi fuel as an extra to balance out costs.

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