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Boise small-business owners face lending woes
Boise small businesses say banks are not responsive to their lending needs.
Why is America lagging behind the rest of the world in Education – how do you propose to better it?

Why are 45 million Americans without health insurance? What is your proposal to get them adequate health coverage?

Why are Americans dieing in Iraq? What is your exit strategy to bring them home?

Why are senior citizens cutting their pills in half cause they can’t afford that and the heating bill? What is your solution for this?

Why are there 12 million illegal immigrants in America? What is your solution to get rid of them and prevent one more illegal immigrant from setting foot in America?

Why is Iran trying to build nuclear weapons and threating genocide against the United States of America? What is your solution.

Why is Osama Bin Laden not captured or found dead? What is your solution to this?

My opinions…

1- Change the system where you remove the insurence companies and get government as the middle man that would put the profits back into the system lowering premiums for everyone.

2- Just leave, first get the contractors out and then leave. Once they hear the war is over violence will drop. Reevaluate everything afterwards.

3- Same as number 1

4- Close the borders, with the troops at home you can easily assign them to start deporting instead.

5- If you leave from Saudia Arabia, Iraq and other middle east Countries and admit past crimes done against them they may reconsider.

6- Again with troops availible to dispatch, send special covert forces to track him down with CIA intel.

7- As for education, enforce competition between the schools and make an agreement with the teachers unions to get rid of the crappy teachers.

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