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home heating repair

home heating repair
Many Home Heating Repairs Can Be Avoided
Heating businesses are plenty busy this time of year, fixing broken furnaces and boilers. Many times, their customers have no heat at all. “Well it started to get cold in here, and I looked at the thermostat and set it on 60 and it was at 41, so something was going wrong,” said Bob Mampe.
how long can a housing association leave my home without a working boiler by law?

loads of contact with maintenance’s dept, loads of visits to my home to ” look ” at the boiler! loads of dates given for when the repair will happen, but still no repair. im now on day 28! without hot water & central heating! two young kids in the house.

I don’t know what it is by law but my housing association left me for 3 days without a boiler (2 kids also) so you have my sympathy. 28 days can’t be legal though surely, if I were you I’d get on to the Citizens Advice people.

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