Home Heating Rebate

home heating rebate

home heating rebate
Macmillan Responds To The Launch Of The Government’s Warm Home Discount Consultation, UK
Commenting on the launch of the Warm Home Discount consultation, Mike Hobday, Head of Campaigns at Macmillan Cancer Support, said: ‘We welcome the introduction of the Warm Home Discount which will help people at risk of fuel poverty to pay their fuel bills. ‘With energy prices set to rise and freezing temperatures across the country it’s more important than ever that vulnerable cancer patients …
If passed, how is the credit for home heating bills going to work that Obama is wanting to pass.?

I heard that Obama is wanting to get a $1000 credit passed yearly for people to use for high heating costs. How will this come? In the form of a rebate check or just a credit on our income taxes?

Without a doubt it will have to be a credit on your taxes… not a free check…

It has to pass Congress too…

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