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Which product is better to heat my home: Natural Gas or Baseboard Heat or even a Heat Pump?

I have no idea what any of these things mean only that my future husband and I, know that natural gas cost too much? Please help, the sooner the better. We are trying to buy a house before our wedding and graduation.
Thank you.

well it all depens on where you live, what the utility rates are,the type of house, the insulation value of the house…
Efficencies vary depending on what type of system you install, wether you have a PROPER INSTALLATION makes the largest factor in getting the most from your heating source!
do some research. my best suggestion would be a hybrid system (some sort of heat pump with a fossil fuel backup).
get a heating contractor to give you an idea of what they think the fuel usage would be for the house you are looking at have them do a prebuy inspection with an estimate to upgrade to the best peice of equipment you can afford to buy, with estimated yearly energy analysis on the current system versus the new system

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