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home heating oil tanks

home heating oil tanks
Fort Meade environmental cleanup finally moves forward
In 2003, construction workers tore down trees to make way for new homes at Fort George G. Meade. As they dug up the stumps, they made a startling discovery: trash. Lots and lots of trash. Animal bones. Shoes. Military dog tags. Bricks. Wood. Glass.The workers had stumbled upon a forgotten landfill t…
How do I remove a home heating oil tank?

I am in NY and would like to get rid of my oil tank. Who would I call to take care of it; I don’t want to do it myself.

If it’s in ground…. that’s expensive. If it’s in the basement it depends on he size. it maybe too big to take out whole. Someone may need, to take it apart. Or cut it up, or take out a basement window, to get it out. So good luck.

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